Group Counselling Course for those trying to deal with problems surrounding Obesity, Weight Management or Binge Eating

Course Duration: 10 weeks, one evening per week, 7pm. till 8.30 pm.

Course Fee: £20 per session (Maximum number of participants: 8)

Course Facilitator: Sarah Robinson, Advanced Diploma in Eating Disorders & Obesity; Diploma in Counselling; Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Course Outline

For many people constantly trying to deal with weight problems brings feelings of guilt and shame. Sometimes it can cause isolation, depression, anxiety and anger. It may be that you have tried every kind of diet without success and are now feeling as if you have no will power and are a failure.

On this course, in an intimate, non-judgmental and empathic atmosphere, there will be an in depth exploration of the causes of weight problems and not just the symptoms. We will look at and discuss how weight problems are affected by:

  • Emotions

  • Personal Physiology

  • Lifestyle

  • Relationships

  • Activity

  • Body Image

  • Attitudes

  • Food Meanings

  • Nutritional Understanding

During the course participants will reach an understanding of why food has become so all-consuming and find other ways that they can nurture, comfort or reward themselves without always turning to food. They will also discover how small nutritional and lifestyle changes can have an enormous impact on consumption and a positive impact on feelings of wellbeing.

To find out the dates of the next course and to book a place, or for more information please contact:

Tel: Sarah Robinson: 07833 113 757



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