Focusing (One-to-One, and Workshops and Retreats)

Focusing is a safe way of being with an experience, even one which is disturbing. It is an ability that most of us have and can develop; a way of listening to our subtle inner feelings. It is a way of accessing what we know but are maybe not aware of; our kind of truth. When we do this, what we find is often new, surprising, fresh and extremely satisfying; even when we are being with the most terrible feelings in a focusing way, it can actually feel good.

If we are focusing on a problem or difficulty, it may start to shift all by itself in a direction that we haven’t expected. Focusing can be learned so that it can be used in everyday life to help us find an easier way of being with a problem, or even a solution to it. It can be used to help make difficult decisions. It is a very powerful aid to stress relief and personal development and can help us feel calmer, happier and generally more at peace with ourselves.

To know more about focusing, please check out the website of the Focusing Institute in New York:

One-to-One Focusing

We provide one-to-one focusing sessions where we can look at either a particular issue that is bothering you, or use it as a means of gaining clarity and perspective.

We also offer focusing training so that you can use the technique by yourself, or with a partner, once you have completed your course of sessions.

Focusing sessions last 45 minutes and we see clients for focusing once a week for an agreed period. Please contact us for more details.

Workshops and Retreats

We also provide focusing workshops and retreats for small groups in both the UK and Spain. These workshops and retreats are designed for ordinary people who wish to learn the technique of focusing, and also for counsellors, psychotherapists, life-coaches, and group facilitators who would like to learn focusing in order to integrate it in their practice.
Please contact us for more details.


Our focusing facilitators / counsellors are Amanda Goss, MA (Couns.) MBACP; and Joe Rodriguez, PhD (Cantab.) MBACP.

Both Amanda and Joe are UEA qualified Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapists and Focusing Trainers.

For more information or to book a focusing session please contact:

Tel:     Amanda 07760669246; Joe 07792837344


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